Police no thanks
Japan's emergency police line "911" is "110".
The men who pick up the phone are so arrogant,
rude, stupid and talk like a machine without a
heart because that's what they are.

Today, a female officer picked it up.
She was another machine-talker and was so bac
at responding as she keeps silent often.

At the end, she said " will send some policemen "
and was about to hang up.

I said " Say thank you "

She replied " I said I'd send some men. ", trying
to stress that she is doing some good.

" I know. Police don't seem to know how to say
thank you. Don't copy your idiot old men.
You want to live like a human?
Say thank you. ", I said.

She paused a few seconds and " Yes. "
She still didn't say thank you.

Next time I dial "110", I should say
"Send many men because there are bunch of
policemen who don't even say thank you."
by fighter_eiji | 2009-12-07 01:29 | English
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