Candies and the soldier
子供たちへ :

Wrote this article :

・・ この記事 (上のアドレスを貼って見てみて) を書いたら、
いくつか反応があったから載せるね :

.. and here are some responses :

That's a wonderful article, Eiji!
Your mother is a lovely human being...

- From Hong Kong -


Many thanks for sharing nice article.
Matt from Mexico City.

- From Mexico -

Hi Eiji,

Great article. What a wonderful mom you have.
Thanks for this.

- From US -

Nice Eiji. Thanks for sharing as always.
Your info always makes me happy.
Have a nice evening!

- From Paris -

This is a lovely story about your mother Eiji.
Thank you for sending this through.
Love zena xx

- From London -

I love your writings!
Please give my love to your mother Hiroko.
She must be so proud of you!
In the photo she looked so happy and beautiful.
Please tell her.
You talked about the German school classes
hearing everything about the war.
I think here there is still a lot not talked about,
but they start to, its a beginning.

- From Germany -

Great. Really Great.

- From Copenhagen -




- Tokyo -

I loved reading the article.
Thank you for sharing!
How are you, Eiji?

- New York City -
by fighter_eiji | 2010-05-26 01:02 | English
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