Kids eat this
In a number of cities, local governments
are on purpose using veggies, milk, eggs
and so on from the radioactive area for
their school lunch !!

They say that they'd like to help the local
economy by buying those veggies that
no one wants to buy !

The real reason is they are saving food
cost by buying them really cheap.

One mother in Tokyo asked the school
to show where exactly all the food is
from and the teacher of the class wrote
a memo back to her, saying
" They are all safe. ".

The mother didn't ask if they are safe,
she asked where the food is from,
but no answer to that question.

This is Japan that did Pearl Harbor.
Nanjing Massacre and Comfort Women.
- by John -
by fighter_eiji | 2011-05-09 23:33 | English
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