Eat more Fukushima food
子供たちへ :

This man in downtown Tokyo is eating food
from Fukushima where the nuclear plant is.
He is trying to tell people to eat more food
from the area as he (and many Japanese)
believes that buying those risky food helps
the economy.

He is such an idiot and he is our prime
minister Kan.
Kan can eat the canned food because
it's actually miso which was canned up
10 months ago (=9 months before the
nuclear explosion).
(Photo : Rei Kubo, Mainichi Paper - May 8, 2011)
あそこのマムシたちは、今 「 原発推進委員会 」 とか
by fighter_eiji | 2011-05-09 23:55 | English
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