Designing Hamaoka Nuclear Plant
Masaharu Taniguchi was an engineer at
Toshiba the big corporation.
He and a few other men were assigned
to design and build Hamaoka Nuclear
Plant in Shizuoka, Japan in 1970.
After some studies, they found out that
they should never build one in that area
due to the threat of earthquake and the
fact that no plant can survive the quakes.
Taniguchi thought that this is it, but the
next day, the government guy said
" We will change the data,
so that we can build it. ".
In order to stop the plan, Taniguchi
resigned, but it didn't change them.

They built it and it's now the second
biggest threat after Fukushima.

This Hamaoka Plant sits right in the
middle of Japan and that's going to be it
if it breaks down.
Yesterday, their cooling system had a
serious problem, but they hid the fact.
As press asked them why they didn't
announce such an important problem
and they said.
" There wasn't any radiation leakeage,
so we don't have to tell anyone. "

Polite and well-behaved Japanese
people .. that's how news all over
the world say about Japan.
by fighter_eiji | 2011-05-15 17:58 | English
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