2 months after the quake
The nuclear power plant in Fukushima
exploded because the government and
Tokyo Electric Power Co didn't want to
stop the plant which had been more
than a half destoyed after tsunami.

They didn't want warn people to leave
because they wanted to prentend
that it's all safe.

They have been hiding facts and
changing data because they want their
business back.

They are encouraging to buy food from
the radiation area because they want
to pretend that they are "nice" to local

They are letting the local schools go
back to normal because then people
think it's safe which will bring money
back to them.

Kids are forced to eat the local
veggies by the local governments.

Guys from the ex-government
- Liberal Democratic Party - have set
up an organization called
" Nuclear Power Promotion Institute ".

Can you imagine how rotten this
nation is?
by fighter_eiji | 2011-05-18 20:13 | English
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