Eagle Camera

Hello Eiji,

Please introduce Straight Talk readers to
the " "Live Eagle Camera" near the
Victoria airport....You have to wait until
it gets light in Victoria.
Morning in Japan is OK.
They have some baby eagles.
It is a good way for city people to see and
appreciate nature from all over the world.


A very interesting thing happened here
on Friday that made the evening news
in Vancouver.
One of the baby eagles got caught in
some fishing nylon line that was in the
nest and couldn't move.
People from all over the world noticed
and phoned in.
The rescue team went up on Friday to
get the eagle untangled and everyone
around the world was able to see it.
The baby eagle is now fine and
happy again.

This is a wonderful use of technology
and help people who never see these
lovely animals appreciate nature.


by fighter_eiji | 2011-05-21 22:59 | English
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