Americans are cruel
" They must be too wild and too cruel ! "
A Japanese lady - 68 years old or so -
said to me with a very surprised
expression on her face when she found
out that I fought (=boxing) some
"Americans" in April this year.

Her generation is heavily influenced
by the "brainwashed generation"
during/before World War Two.

They said that Americans and all
foreingers are beasts and they are
"lower" than dogs.

I said to her " Why do you think so? "
She said " Because they are like
beasts. ".

I said to her
" Have you fought any Americans? "
The woman " Of course, not. ".

Eiji " Have you met and spoke with
any Americans? "
Woman " No. ".

Eiji " The American boxers I fought
and American people who supported
the charity fight are the kindest human
being I've ever met.
The beast is in your heart and you
are spreading the beast to the world.
Don't call people you've never met
beasts if even a beast-hearted
person like you can understand
what I'm saying. "

Her father worked for the Japanese
military and he coached young

She was a school teacher in Japan.
by fighter_eiji | 2011-06-01 18:23 | English
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