Speaking your minds
  = Conversation with Diamond =
 - Diamond is a high school student -

- Eiji
Japanese are raised to become robots
like those 3 characters in Wizard of Oz.
Well, we will change that !

- Diamond
I don't understand why they're raised like
that, nearly everyone in America speaks
their minds all the time.
But I can't wait to help you Eiji!

- Eiji
Japan is still like those nations run by
dictators that you see in movies.
The government makes sure they get
very rich and don't care about people.

Producing more robot people is the best
way to run factories and offices because
they work like machines and don't complain.
It produces the most.

But my mission is to save kids from that
"production line" with belt conveyers
carrying children just to be brainwashed
and sorted out depending on the sizes,
colors and so on.

You are the savior !

- Diamond
America is kinda like that in some ways.
I assume you know about the massive
budget cuts going on, I was actually
told that Performing Arts at my school
were being cut which devastated me.
There was a protest that happened at
the Strip were students took a stand on
their education but everyone else decided
to stereotype teenagers like usual and say
"It was an excuse to ditch school.
" I was going to be apart of it
but I got sick that day.

American kids need to show Japanese kids
about taking a stand and speaking their
minds about certain things.
Maybe things work out just fine as they are
now but kids shouldn't be so sheepish
I would honestly love to help them,
but not to the point where it becomes
a rebellion among kids.

Eiji, together we can help them,
I know this.

- Eiji
Countries with lots of guns and cannons
do their best to keep that "production line"

Yes, please do educate Japanese kids.
I tell them simply
" Say what you think. Do what you say "
" If you don't want to be a sheep. "
but not good enough.
Need your help.

- Diamond
I'm sure there must be something we can
do to change up the "production line"
even a little bit, even if it is convincing kids
that speaking your mind and
taking a stand isn't a bad thing.

In America, speaking your mind is
something required nowadays too.
Many of my school teachers have grades
that rely on
"If you truly are outstanding, then you
must stand-out in my class to get an A"

There is rarely anyone being shy
at my school anymore.

And I will show the kids that speaking
their minds isn't bad, I promise
by fighter_eiji | 2011-06-16 08:56 | English
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