Help children
==== From a Reader ====

Help children and earth.
Adults like a devil.
We know you have lots of love.
But your love is just for you?
We hope you’ll be an angel for earth.
You lack a sense of responsibility
as a human being.
Please don’t make any nuclear
power stations ever.
If you don’t start or say anything
about it for your future, it means
you agree with that.
You’re a part of the earth.
You’re not just Kiwi, Japanese,
American, Australian, French…
If you don’t make any action, do you
think that somebody will do that for you?
Don’t be mistaken about it.
Don’t say “Good luck”! to us.
Don’t leave your work to children.
We don’t need the word.
We’re not trying to talk to you
to let you to say that.
Now it’s just useless word for us.
Hey, everyone!
Be a Seventh generation!
Can you feel that the earth has
been getting crazy?
Since a long time ago, we’ve been
destroying the sky, sea, and ground
and kill lots of animals for
getting better for you.
I don’t’ think that we can return back
to the past but it’s possible to stop
doing that and we can start changing
the future.
This time is not for you.
It is for the earth and children.

First try to know what the nuclear power
is and try to share that after you know it.
You might think only your own power is
not enough but I think if lots of small
powers get together, it’ll be a big action
one day.
Talk to next person.
It’s just begging of being as one.
Blog, internet, video, news
You have some ways to get some
information about nuclear power.

Do you want to be a just killer or a person?
You have a choice what you do from now.
Open your eyes and mind and
see the real world.

By Karin and Hiro
by fighter_eiji | 2011-06-29 22:15 | English
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