Bush. Obama. Republicans.
-- Letter from a Reader --

Hi Eiji,

We talked about moving to Canada since
Bush won re-election in 2004.
It's not that we have a bad president now,
it's that we have a very bad opposing political
party that just wants to ruin anything he
tries to do.
Obama is really trying to help the people,
but the Republicans are just working to stop
everything and then blame him because
he's not getting anything done.
It's quite insane.

The Republicans are and have been trying to
make Obama look bad.
In November 2010 there was an election for
the Senate and the House of Representatives,
which is the two parts of Congress who
makes legislation.
Well, the Senate has the majority of Democrats
(Obama's party), and the House had the
majority of Democrats until the 2010 election
and the Republicans gained the majority.
When they won their 'victory' they said their
main objective was to get Obama out.
A reasonable person would think that their
main objective would be to pass good
legislation for the good of the American people.
So...it's no wonder that we're in such bad shape.
Yet every step of the way they block anything
good from passing, and then they blame Obama
for it.
What is sad is that the people (sheeple) that
follow the Republicans don't pay attention to
everything they do, and just believe everything
they say.
And that's why they keep voting these crazy
people back into office.
It's really maddening.

Sorry....I'm just very frustrated with everything.
Like you said, friends & family mean everything.
That's really where you find happiness.

I wanted to add a little more context to
understand the Republican party because it
does seem a little confusing to the normal
The 'constituants' or followers of the
Republicans are also very religious.
So, what the Republican candidates and those
voted into Congress use as a tool to get those
voters is that they use the religious values that
are also called 'social' values.
These would include gay (homosexual) rights
such as marriage, women's rights that is usually
about abortion - which they are all against.
Therefore, the religious people usually go with
the Republicans and just ignore or overlook the
parts that are really bad.
They just rationalize their behavior.
The Republican mantra is typically small
government, big on defense, and all about
rugged individualism in that people should be
able to take care of themselves and it's up to
themself to make it in the world and not rely
on the government for help.
Also, and more importantly, the Republicans
are all about big corporations and big business.

So, on the other hand, the Democrats are
more sensitive to the needs of the less
fortunate and believe in more social programs.
Thus, the social programs typically increase
the size of government.
They typically want to get along with everyone.

Unfortunately, the Republicans are the bullies
in the playground and they do not compromise
and it has to be their way or no way.

That's sort of it in a nutshell.
by fighter_eiji | 2011-07-10 16:26 | English
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