Dreaming to have a baby
It was on TV --

A 14-year-old girl stood up in the press
conference room and grabbed the microphone.
" I have a dream...
My dream is to have a cute little baby.
Can I have a baby? "
She asked those expressionless creatures
lined up in front.
They are all from the management team at
Tokyo Electric Power Company and they
were about 9 of them.
None of them said a word back to the little
girl who is so worried about her dream.
Only silence.

After all, her question was totally ignored.

TV and news overseas keep talking about
how Japanese people are well-behaved
and very quiet even in this tsunami and
nuclear stuff going on.
Yes, they are on surface.
Only on surface.
Inside, there's an evil.
by fighter_eiji | 2011-07-18 17:24 | English
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