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    July 31, 2011  
 The Crisis Jones Report

Kan criticizes nuke watchdog for manipulation
Prime Minister Naoto Kan has criticized Japan's
nuclear regulator for trying to manipulate
public opinion on nuclear power.
Kan attended an energy policy forum on
Sunday in Chino, north of Tokyo.
He referred to the alleged manipulation of
opinion on nuclear energy by the Nuclear
and Industrial Safety Agency.
The agency allegedly told Chubu Electric Power
Company to ensure that some participants
at a symposium asked prearranged questions
in favor of nuclear power.
The event was held 4 years ago in Shizuoka
Prefecture, which hosts a nuclear plant.
Kan said if the allegation is true, it means that
the agency sided with the utility to promote
nuclear power, although the agency should
ensure the safety of nuclear plants for the public.

Kan likened the agency's allegation to the
scandal of tainted blood products, which he
tackled when he was health minister in the
In the 1980s, many people, mostly patients
with hemophilia, contracted HIV through
tainted products because the health ministry
allowed drugmakers to sell them even after
safer products were developed.
Kan said the current nuclear administration
and system totally lack the ability of
responding to nuclear accidents.
He put the blame on the realignment of
government offices about a decade ago under
Prime Minister Ryutaro Hashimoto that created
various committees in the Cabinet Office.
Kan expressed his resolve to address the
fundamental reorganization of institutions
related to energy policy, and not just the
separation of the agency from the economy
He said he will pursue a fundamental
reconstruction of the nuclear and energy
administration from a position free from
any vested interests.


Kan is talking as if he didn't know.
He knew.
Because that's the only way they do things.
They are worse than gangsters.

=== From a Reader ===

Hello Eiji,

The manipulators are Terrorists and when
they need to silence people they pay
gangsters, Private investigators, the Media,
Government officials and Law enforcement,
to silence or kill the potential whistle blowers...
Innocent people are dying and suffering
because of greedy power hungry cockroaches..

They don't care about innocent people,
Money and power is all that matters...

I don't know what Kan knew before
however I'm glad he is doing the right
thing now!
Perhaps he knew the truth however was
afraid to talk because he didn't want to
lose his life or position of power, maybe
one day we will know the truth...

Thanks to altruistic people like you the
World knows more about the Nuclear
Crisis, This information will help prevent
diseases and save lives across the world.

Worse then gangsters?
"I think so" the Manipulators created
the Mafia and the Gangsters!
by fighter_eiji | 2011-08-01 17:46 | English
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