Japanese go independent overseas
  == Report from Doug ==
 (He is helping Japanese girls to take
   summer courses in Canada.)

Hi Eiji,

How's it going on your side of the Pacific?
....I hear it is rather hot now so I hope
you are keeping cool
and eating ice cream.

We are all fine in cool Victoria with the
ocean breeze [22C] - The girls are adjusting
well and Kina is a big help-- it is easy to
tell her parents have taught her responsibility
-- She knows how to cook, clean do her
laundry, shop etc. and helping encourage
the younger girls a lot.
She says her parents go for a walk together
every night as well, so I can see her living
I wondered why her mother has this "wide"
vision so I asked her -- both her parents
grew up in a nearby town -- but her mother
travels in business and curious.

The other girl [Risa,14] - is very independent
as well and wants to do things
- she always tries to be independent too --
Kayo [15] is a very nice young lady, too.

Yesterday the girls went on a school excursion
to Butchart Gardens and they were happy
they could make new friends.

Kina told me that she is very happy studying
in Victoria because in her class they practice
English by discussing things, and saying their
She told me it is very interesting to learn the
opinions of people from many countries because
she has people from Taiwan, Thailand,
Saudi Arabia, Korea.
She said she would never have the opportunity
to hear the opinion of people from other Asian,
European, Latin America, and Middle East countries.
The girls from Saudi Arabia wear their full
Arab dress with veils......by the way.
It must be the first time they actually met
and talked with these types of people.

Yesterday, talking on Skype with her father,
she proudly told her father that she goes to
school [and made friends] with students
from all these countries. The father sounded
pleasantly surprised -- more like amazed that
his 14 year old daughter has friends with
people from all these countries.
This is really Great!!

The girls by the way are the youngest at
the school -- most are university kids
improving their English and at first were
a little unsure they could make friends with
"older" people but this quickly changed.......

And......yes their English is improving --
more just because they are getting more
confidence in themselves -- and I'm lucky
to be able to see and be a part of this too
because I'm learning too.........

Unfortunately, they have homework
assignments from their school in Japan so
this weekend they are going to study but
somehow we will make it interesting by
taking breaks and walking around the area.
I hope you will be able to balance your
schedule to spend at least the summer
in Victoria too......there is a great
Sports Institute which runs some community
courses which I'm sure you could start a
coaching course on boxing - and education.
by fighter_eiji | 2011-08-14 01:17 | English
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