Homwork in summer vacation
Summer Holiday is going on at schools
in Japan.

Students tell me --

- Every other night, can't sleep till
morning because of homework.

- Can't go anywhere because of
too much homework.

- VERY severe punishment if
you don't do it.


Mothers of a first grader (6years old)
told me --

- Her son has to read 10 books minimum.

- For at least 2 consecutive weeks ever
day, he has to write down the report on
the book(s) he is reading.

- Dairy every day.

- Scienctific research and report.

- A dozen study books to finish.

- much much much more.


Each year, we hear some students
commit suicide and many of them are
less than 10 years old.
Schools and the local government gover
it up, especially because the homework
is the cause.

School teachers in Japan are not only
mad surgeant or slimy worms or
rare-to-find idiots but also an extreme

Other teachers who don't give that
much of homework are accomplice
because they know about it for
years and years.

by fighter_eiji | 2011-08-18 02:22 | English
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