Love. Religions. Money.
== From a Reader ==


Love is divine and money is material
however in this day and age the
latter usually takes precedence.
This is sad, even tragic love is
better then materialistic love

Religion should be used to make one
more positive and with better Morale,
in a metaphysical sense one cannot
prove that god exists and another
cannot prove that he doesn't,
if a belief is just and positive
it benefits all.

These days many religious people are
motivated by money and are insincere.
I believe a religious person should have
a purpose, for example "helping children
achieve their dreams and protecting
them from evil"

In Judaism a person has a godly soul
and a animalistic soul, a godly soul is a
gift that is passed down from our ancestors.

I agree, loving people from the other side
of the river would make the world a better
place, someone who is sincerely religious
and spiritual would preach the latter.

This type of ideology would reduce
conflict and foster love in the world.
by fighter_eiji | 2011-10-26 11:04 | English
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