Rob Ford, Rotten Frog
== From a Reader ==

Toronto's Mayor Rob Ford, beats his wife,
drinks and drives, swears at citizens and
city employees, made racist comments
about the Asian community and the list
goes on…

A CBC report claiming that Toronto
Mayor Rob Ford allegedly wielded some
salty language during a Monday 911
call has been disputed.

In a story posted Thursday morning,
CBC cited sources who claimed the
mayor called dispatchers "bitches,"
and demanded "Don't you f--king know?
I'm Rob f--king Ford, the mayor of this city!"
A few hours later, the mayor responded
with a statement where he apologized
for using profanity, but insisted the
coarse language was used out of
frustration and never as an insult.
by fighter_eiji | 2011-11-02 01:04 | English
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