Learning about your village
If you want to know about your own town,
you'd better sit and talk closely with 100
persons or 300 people one by one.
Well, 10 might be okay only if you pick
right people and your sense, sensibility
and brain are extremely right.

Just like --
-- Unless you see and study a number of
patients, you are never a good doctor.

If you want to know about the world,
you have to multiple that number at
least 50 times, hopefully 200 times.

All those who talk about the world as if
she/he knew everything probably haven't
met with that many people in person.
Not many friends .. or even haven't met
3 people overseas.

How do I know that they haven't got
friends overseas?

- Just listen to what they say.
It's obvious.
by fighter_eiji | 2011-11-03 23:46 | English
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