Feel good after reading
  = From a Reader =

Great ! Great ! Great !!!!

Hi Yoshikawasun how are you today?
I've just finished reading your book
"Never Been Knocked Out".
Now I feel soooo good and soooo positive.

What a super cool person you are
and people around you!
How you live is just amazing.

People always worry about soo many
things and they start to afraid and try
to find a means of escape from things
but you are not such person.
You never run away from things
so I think you know and you see
what really important things for life.

In the book, what you said on the phone
to encourage Ikedasun and Kitamurasun
was really simple but it was clever and
great thinking!
I loved it X)

Thank you for everything.
Have a nice day.
by fighter_eiji | 2012-01-27 00:10 | English
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