All nukes resting
Out of 54 nuclear reactors in the
tiny island country of Sushi eaters,
only a couple of them are running.
All the rest are resting for regular

We all have still the same life with
lots of electricity everywhere.
Not a single house has a black-out.

Still, many are screaming
" We need to run them again !
We need more nuclear power !"

- Because those are the guys that
are making money from nukes.

Killing children, causing cancer,
destroying the planet, murdering
dolphins ... those sons of invaders
that raped the whole Asia, Pacific
and more still do the same or

Brainwashed are rather better
because you can wash them again.

No cure to the brainless.
by fighter_eiji | 2012-02-18 11:10 | English
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