Nagoya's disgusting mayor
Attached for your information is the media
release issued by Canada ALPHA with a
cover letter to the Consul General of Japan
in Vancouver.

Please read the following news reports :-

- Nanking Massacre denial stirs public anger

- Nanjing suspends official contact with Nagoya

I would like to share Dominic Cheng, Chair of
Edmonton ALPHA comment on this matter with you: -

Iris Chang called the continual denials of Asian Holocaust by the Japanese government a Second Rape.
We know that rape perpetrators usually hold their victims in contempt. Iris reminded us that the Japanese government is holding 29 millions of Chinese people and countless other victims in Korea and Southeast Asia who perished during the Second World War in contempt by denying its atrocities.
It is holding peace makers who want peace and reconciliation in Southeast Asia in contempt.
Most of all, the Japanese government is putting its own citizens in perpetual Silent Shame when it refuses to acknowledge the historical truth.
That constant denial, that injustice is a constant assault inflicted on so many!

What kind of person would I be and what sort of world would I be handing to future generations if I remained silent, idly stood by and allowed this Second Rape to continue?
by fighter_eiji | 2012-02-25 21:02 | English
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