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Ron Wyden, the best reporter ever
== From US ==

Eiji..... For your information.....
Is it as bad as this report states??????

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Subject: U.S. Senator sounds alarm
about 'precarious' Fukushima situation

U.S. Senator Ron Wyden is, as far as
Senators go, an honorable guy.
I don't agree with all his politics, but I
actually used to live in his district in
Oregon when he was a congressman
(1981 - 1996), and I remember him
standing out as someone who genuinely
seemed to care about the People.

To my knowledge, Sen. Wyden is the
only U.S. Senator who has actually
visited the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear
power facility and warned the U.S. public
about what he saw. And what did he see?
A wrecked, half-collapsed building site
littered with massive collections of
nuclear fuel rods that now threaten the
entire Northern hemisphere with
a radiation apocalypse.

When Wyden returned to the USA
following the visit, he immediately issued an
urgent warning, now reprinted on his website.
In the watered-down language of political
correctness, the warning is still quite strong.
As his website says: (http://www.wyden.senate.gov/news/press-releases/after-tour-of-fukushi...)

Wyden's principal concern is the relocation
of spent fuel rods currently being stored in
unsound structures immediately adjacent
to the ocean.
He strongly urged the Ambassador to
accept international help to prevent
dangerous nuclear material from being
released into the environment.

He then went on to say, in his own words:
(emphasis added)

"The scope of damage to the plants and
to the surrounding area was far beyond
what I expected and the scope of the
challenges to the utility owner, the
government of Japan, and to the people
of the region are daunting.
The precarious status of the Fukushima
Daiichi nuclear units and the risk presented
by the enormous inventory of radioactive
materials and spent fuel in the event of
further earthquake threats should be of
concern to all and a focus of greater
international support and assistance."

His website goes on to say something
that should stun anyone who understands
the threat of radioactive contamination
of the environment:

"Wyden found that the facilities designed
to house spent nuclear fuel and the
reactors themselves were still in a state
of disrepair and located in areas that
would make them susceptible to further
damage from future seismic events.
The reactor buildings still contain large
amounts of spent fuel -- making them a
huge safety risk and the only protection
from a future tsunami, Wyden observed,
is a small, makeshift sea wall erected
out of bags of rock."

Did you catch that last part?
The only protection from a tsunami is a
"makeshift sea wall erected out of bags or rock."

And to think, the fate of the world now
depends on us all just "lucking out" and
crossing our fingers in the hope that no
earthquake or tsunami takes place before
they clean up the Fukushima facility mess.

Which brings up the question:
What exactly is being done to clean
up the Fukushima facility mess?

In a word, nothing.

Governments play pretend
Virtually nothing is happening.
All the governments involved
(Japan and USA, primarily) are playing
a ridiculously stupid game of
pretending there is no problem.
The Japanese government, for its part,
has decided that instead of admitted to
a radiation problem, it's easier to just tell
Japanese citizens they have a mental
disorder if they're concerned about radiation

The U.S. government plays a similar
mind game, raising the allowable levels
of radiation exposure by thousands of
times and then declaring Fukushima
fallout to be suddenly safe! (http://www.naturalnews.com/031963_radiation_exposure.html)

Governments, in other words, are in
denial mode even while Fukushima smolders
and hurls us all toward irreversible global disaster.

If Fukushima were a "terrorist," the U.S.
government would stop at nothing to
defeat it
What's really telling in all this is that if
a "terrorist" organization were threatening
the USA with the same amount of nuclear
material held at Fukushima, the U.S.
would take immediate and decisive action
to eliminate that threat. For the record,
the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear facility
has enough radioactive material to make
thousands of terrorist "dirty bombs".

All that radioactive material now
threatens America, but because it is
subjected to random "natural" causes
(earthquakes, tsunamis, etc.) instead of
"terrorist" causes, the U.S. government
has stupidly chosen to ignore it.
It's not politically advantageous to talk
about Fukushima, you see, because it
doesn't fit into the false theatrical
narrative of terrorists threatening America.

This leaves us all in a frustratingly idiotic
catch-22, where governments refuse to
address a problem that threatens the
world unless and until the problem
explodes in their faces, at which point
it is too late to address it.

All this leads to the obvious solution for
resolving the Fukushima conundrum.
The way to get governments to address
Fukushima is to allow the facility to be
taken over by terrorists! Only then will
the U.S. government consider the threat
to be real, since the entire government
only sees things through "terrorist glasses."

The science of denial
Of course, the real source of all this terror
is the arrogance of modern science itself,
which now threatens the very survival of
the human race.
As I recently wrote here on NaturalNews,
the human race is being "suicided" in
the name of science. (http://www.naturalnews.com/035790_scientific_suicide_humans.html)

Science has become a far greater threat than
terrorism could ever imagine, because in the
name of "science," we have been placed in
the crosshairs of not just a nuclear apocalypse,
but also the disastrous effects of
self-replicating genetic pollution via GMOs.

"Science" has handed us antibiotic-resistant
superbugs, the global pollution of crops and
soils with synthetic pesticides, the death of
the honey bees, and the mass poisoning of
children with mercury through dentistry
and vaccines (among other crimes).
"Science" told us that nuclear power was
safe ... yet here we are in 2012, on the
verge of an event that could kill a quarter
of the human population on the planet,
and all the scientists can do is deny any
problem exists at all.

Denial may be an effective psychological
tactic in politics and poker, but
unfortunately for the rest of us it does
not alter the laws of physics.
"Denial" does not change the 30-year half
life of Cesium-137, a radioactive isotope
that mimics the mineral potassium and
thus is easily absorbed into food crops,
poisoning the entire food supply.

Denial is not a tactic of genuine leaders;
it is a last-ditch desperate ploy of the

We are living in the land of denial, led by
elected denialists who are voted into office
by working-class denialists.
Denial has become our modus operandi,
our fabric of fairytales.
It has allowed our civilization to ride
high on a global debt pyramid and it will
be the harbinger of our ultimate destruction
at the hands of "scientists" who promised
us life but delivered us unto death.

Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/035813_Ron_Wyden_Fukushima_radiation.html#ixzz1uTLFOCWQ

== From a Reader ==

Hi Eiji,

Thanks for posting the information
on the Fukashima tour by the fellow
from the US Senate.

Japan really needs to ask for outside
help on this issue since it affects us all.
by fighter_eiji | 2012-05-11 21:53 | English
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