Osaka garbage
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Hi Eiji,

I wonder why there is a need to
spend all the money to ship it to Osaka?
I think there is more space in the north?

== News ==

Osaka to bury debris from disaster
area on man-made island
OSAKA -- The Osaka prefectural and
city governments have agreed on plans
to accept debris generated by the
Great East Japan Earthquake and bury
it on a man-made island in Osaka Bay
after incinerating it.

The Ministry of the Environment (MOE)
is expected to give instructions at the
end of the month on measures to
prevent radioactive cesium from the
debris ash from spreading into the bay.
Afterward, the prefectural government
will hold a meeting of safety experts
and make an official decision on the plans.

The location that will be used to bury
the debris ash, situated near Hokuto Port
on man-made Yumeshima Island, is also
the final disposal spot for the city's waste.
Currently, 730,000 square meters of the
3.85 million square meters of Yumeshima
is used for waste disposal.

The Osaka Prefectural Government has
indicated its intention to take on 180,000
tons of debris from Iwate Prefecture.
In December of last year, it set a standard
of "100 becquerels or less" of radiation
per kilogram of debris, and in January of
this year it asked municipalities within the
prefecture holding incinerator facilities to
take on debris and explained the disposal
procedures and standards.
However, most of the municipalities are
reluctant and worried about protests from
residents, and only the city of Osaka has
indicated it would agree to the move.

In Feb, the Osaka Municipal Government
asked the MOE to survey the safety of the
Hokuko Port disposal area. As the capacity
of the area is limited, the prefectural
government is aiming for disposal at
other sites as well.

May 13, 2012 (Mainichi Japan)
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