After reading letters from students
Hello Eiji,

What a great thing you are doing
for kids around the planet!
These letters speak for themselves
and your fingerprints have been
left on each of these young
people’s lives.

It must be very rewarding to read
these words and know you are
making a difference – globally!
Peace, love and understanding
continue to be a universal language
and there are no barriers.

I wish our world leaders
could adopt this message.

You are a good man, Eiji!


The letters are beautiful.
I hope you are proud of the impact
you've had on young people.
I am very proud to call you my friend.


Hi Eiji,

The letters are great!
I still read your blog regularly...
Your altruistic character is rare and
very much needed in this World...
I hope to meet you again soon in
North America or Japan and help
you do good on this planet...


Hi Eiji.

Those letters are really wonderful.
You are doing a fantastic job to help
the youth of the world.
Keep up the good work!!



Aloha Eijisan.......
Thank you for the letters from
the students... quite impressive...
You have truly been a great motivator
and an inspiring individual to doing
all the right things in life to these

I was abit surprised by your comment
about the Japanese school teachers
behavior taking place in the present
time your comparison
between the teachers and the
Sergeant !!

As for all the natural disasters
taking place on Mother Earth.....
could this be the prelude toward
the end of the world??????
Just a thought!
Totally agree that MANKIND has
been the big problem for Mother Earth.



It is great to hear from you!
I am glad that you are still traveling
the world, helping to motivate kids.
It gives me hope just knowing
you are out there.

Lately, I've been trying to help
out in my own way.
I have been very involved in animal
rescue for the past year.
I help to save cats and dogs from
bad situations, to get them healthy
(physically and mentally!) and give
them a second chance at finding a
new home where they will be loved.
Other than that, I am busy with school
but I try to help out and volunteer
where I can.
It is so important to give back
to society.

In the US, this idea is under attack as
being "Socialist", and that everybody
should watch out only for themselves,
and if they fail it is their fault and no
one else's--and that they can't expect
help from anyone.

I completely disagree.
The only way people can survive
and be successful is with the help,
love, and encouragement of others.
Throughout history, this is the only
way that people have survived.
I don't understand why so many
Americans are confused about this.

I know that by spreading your
message, you are helping young
people to achieve their dreams
and to realize that, while it is
important to work hard toward
your dream and achieve it yourself,
it isn't shameful to receive
encouragement or help along the
way, and especially that they should
look for ways to help others along
their journey!

Thanks for all your do, Eiji.
You really do help change the
world one person at a time. :)

Your friend in Missouri,


Wonderful letters.
Thanks for sending them!


Very nice and very thoughtful.
Thanks for sharing,



What an inspiration you are
to these students!
I especially liked the letter
by the future music star.
And the photos are nice -- your biceps
are almost larger than the
students' heads.


Eiji, awesome letters.
I invited 4 of my childhood friends
to one of my UFC shows to show
my appreciation to our friendship.
Keep in mind, we all grew up poor
and they still make minimum wage.

The motto of this message...
after the show, Ralph told me that
I inspired them, but in reality,
they inspired me!
Doing good for others is our calling.
I admire your tenacity to make this
a better world, one person at a time.



Uplifting and inspirational and
reminds me -- happily -- of who
you are beyond your business life.

Thanks for sharing this.

My best,


Hi Yoshikawasun!

I want to show these letters
to the teachers in school!
They never made us feel proud
of our dreams like you always do.

They always tell us to show some
respect for them but they never do
for us, they always scold at us and
tell us that we are hopeless :(

School teachers should be all like you.
Then students will respect for all the
things they do because whatever
you do is grateful for us !!
You know what I mean?
Hope you get it !!

Thanks a lot :)

Lots of love


Love those letters, and the photos
- your message is spreading!





Aloha Eiji:

Thank you for the e-mail.
Hope the singer-to-be child will
reach his/her goal.
Every child needs a “little push”
in order to keep moving.



Hello Eiji,

Great Jobs! and Congratulations !!
I like what your writings,
that's all the facts!

The comments from them were interesting!
You have inpired them.
They have commented from their heart!

You become famous not only in Japan
but in US.

More power to you! Eiji!.


So wonderful to read these letters and
see the good work that you are doing, Eiji.


Dear Eiji,

You are an inspiration to all
people who need a role model.


Hi Eiji

I have just been reading these letters
form your students in the US.

Really heart warming and
beautifully written.
You are an inspiration to so many
and it is wonderful to see.


Hey Eiji,

There are some lovely letters there.
Glad you are still inspiring others,
it is great to see.
I always remember hearing the quote
"don't think it, do it" which led me to
quit my job and go self employed
11 years ago. :)

All the Best,


Very beautiful.
What an inspiration you are.


Hi Eiji,

You've done an excellent job in
inspiring other people.


Thank you for sharing the great
letters from the students.
What did you tell them to
inspire them so much?


それと、目が澄んでいる… 小さくても、

前に進んでいますね。 素晴らしいことだと思います。
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