Silence in Holland
Dear Eiji,

Tonight at 20.00 the whole of Holland went quiet , for 2 minutes long there was no sound in our land.

Tonight we will remember the death who has fallen in WWII and in the wars after that, this year it was very impressive, In the East Indies more than 13.000 people died of starvation , beating, torture, and slave labour because of the Japanese Imperial Army.
Mostly they were civilian woman and children in the Japanese camps. I have sent you two photos, one on Dam Square and one from Camp Westerbork were all the Jews . Men women , children, were transported to the concentration camps and death machines. 18.000 of them were children.

So please tell the children about the children who went with the trains and never came back.Tell them about the camps on Sumatra, Java, and all of the other places in Asia were the Japanese Army destroyed all human live.
Tonight I remember my my dear father who had to bow his head for the Japanese flag, but in his heart he never surrendered, and never talked about his camp life.
And tomorrow we will celebrate our freedom because it is liberation day, the war stopped in Holland, and I will celebrate my birth with my children and grandson.

And I am so glad that we have met Eiji, you give the young people a chance to learn form the past and look into the future , their future,and ours.

You are a dear friend and thank you for all you do for the children, teach them to speak, to scream out loud , for freedom, for dignity, for life.
by fighter_eiji | 2013-05-05 23:25 | English
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