Evil mayors everywhere
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Hello Eiji,

Did you see this?

Would the leaders in Japan start
showing some leadership........
and the people of Japan start
complaining about this kind of
personal bias.

Government leaders are supposed
to be setting examples and working
for the people.......... and not
spread their personal bias.

No one can respect anyone who
always promotes their personal
values in government.
They need to ask the bosses
first which are the people.


Hashimoto says ‘comfort women’
were necessary part of war



OSAKA--Toru Hashimoto, co-leader
of the Japan Restoration Party, said
on May 13 that "comfort women"
were necessary for Japanese
soldiers during World War II.

Comfort women are an euphemism
for those who provided sex for
Japanese soldiers during the war.

“In the circumstances in which bullets
are flying like rain and wind, the
soldiers are running around at the
risk of losing their lives. If you want
them to have a rest in such a situation,
a comfort women system is necessary.
Anyone can understand that,” Hashimoto,
also the Osaka mayor, told reporters
in a building of the Osaka city government.

He also said, “When I checked the
history of those years, I found that not
only the Japanese army but also those
of various countries were utilizing
(comfort women).”

He showed understanding of Prime
Minister Shinzo Abe’s recent controversial
assertion that the definition of
aggression has yet to be decided.
The remark triggered strong outrage
in South Korea, which Japan
colonized from 1910 to 1945.

“What Prime Minister Abe is saying
is correct in that, academically,
there are no definitions on aggression,”
Hashimoto said.

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