Many Many People
- From someone saw the film
"Rumble in the Jungle"

Hi Eiji,

I have big hopes for many, many,
many people to see your film.
The film will make people think.
I will share the video with my friends.
You have an important message.




It was very moving, about the plight of the Filipino people.
We both thought that your attitude and heart were truly admirable.
We're very glad to know you.

Did the young man at the end, in the Feather weight match, win, or not?
It wasn't clear. Was it a draw?

I wish you the best of fortune with your movie.
You're being very courageous to push the Japanese people the way that you do.
I hope that they support you!

Our very best regards,
by fighter_eiji | 2013-06-09 09:36 | English
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