Nukes and crooks
Sacrificing lives of children is the
worst thing in the world.

Built 55 nuclear reactors in the tiny
land - smaller than the state of
California - that is extremely volcanic.

Radiation has always been leaking
from there on purpose for half a century.

Over 2 years ago, one of them exploded,
massive radiation is in the air, soil and
ocean every second and circulating
around the globe.
Absolutely nothing has been done to it
except burying the nuclear waste under
school yards, serving radioactive milk,
veggies, meat, rice as the school lunch.

How much radiation is there?
- Try to imagine what it's like if it keeps
snowing day and night for 2-3 years
and many more years to come.

Now, the waste is carried to the beautiful
land of Mongolia and they're seeking
more "other people's lands".

The reactor builders that are the
combination of the government run by
the sons of top-class war criminals,
military cliques and arms dealers
never stop.

Now, they are selling reactors, the true
weapon of mass destruction to Vietnam
and a number of other nations in all
parts of the world.

Jap has never stopped murdering
everyone including babies and children.
They never do "harakiri" to themselves
for all the crimes they commit except
they do cut other people's bellies.

No one gets angry in Japan?
- No. They're happy if it's a
"more money" situation.

Radio-active doesn't mean anything
to sushi & tempura -active heads.
by fighter_eiji | 2013-09-25 07:37 | English
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