Changing mentality
Dear Eiji,

A Merry Christmas for you
and a great New Year.

Thank you for all your fantastic work
for all the children in Japan, Phillipins,
i think that here in Holland many people
can learn from you and what you achieve,
the me, myself , and only me has reach
our society, the people on high positions
grabs all the money and the poor has
to fill the cash, its the return version
of Robin Hood, steal from the poor
and put it in your own pocket.

That is what i hope that in 2014 will
change, that people are more carring
for each other, for the young ones,
for the elderly, we have to change
our mentality.

So you are doing fantastic work,
because you teach the children
and they are our future.

Big hug from Holland
by fighter_eiji | 2013-12-25 21:45 | English
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