The only innocent hurricane
Hurricane Rubin Carter passed
away 2 days ago in Toronto.
He was my inspiration also.

Thanks to Bob Dylan for singing "Hurricane".
Thanks to Lesra Martin for taking action.
Thanks to the group of Canadian people
who always encouraged hopelessly
destroyed Hurricane by moving their place
to live so close to the prison in USA.

This wrongly convicted boxer
served 20 years in prison.
Just last month on 27 March
Mr Iwao Hakamada, the Japanese
boxer was released after 49 years in prison.
From the first place, the judges
knew that he was innocent.
They tortured the innocent boxer all the time.

WBC so far gave 2
"Honorary Championship Belts"
in the history.
One for Hurricane Rubin Carter
and one for Iwao Hakamada.

We must fight.

by fighter_eiji | 2014-04-23 15:01 | English
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