Many kids in Japan belong to sports clubs
run by school teachers and kids must
be there on all weekends, summer/winter/spring
holidays, 6am till 8am every weekday and
after school.
If you miss the training once, you're most
likely to be punished heavily and will get
kicked out of the group. Not because they
want to do the training but not to be
isolated and punished by the majority (=power),
students attend every time.
A few years later, they'll start punishing
younger ones.
Kids who can't even read or write can
enter and graduate top class universities if
you're a great ball player or a sumo champ.
They do anything they're told, so that the
police and the military will hire many thousands of them.
Those who make it to top level will be used
by the government to help their nationalism
by winning in Olympic Games etc.
The sad part is that as they missed all
opportunities to develop brains, they have
no idea that they're spreading fascism.
They will be coaching children, travel the
whole country for lecturing on "Japan is the
best. The best people on earth." and will be
TV personalities to talk what the government
tells them to talk.
Miss Trunchbull from "Matilda" represents
the closed little island nation that keeps
butchering innocent dolphins and whales.

イジメ精神が根底に根ざす 年がら年中の部活で

by fighter_eiji | 2014-09-29 09:26 | English
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