Balance in Sports
In 1979, I watched on TV, a 42 year old British marathon runner, winning the 1st Tokyo Women's Marathon. Her name is Mrs Joyce Smith.

What struck me was the fact Mrs Smith kept holding a rather thick white handkerchief in her hand the whole duration to keep her saliva in there instead of spitting it out to the streets which is a common thing to do for long distance runners.

I was a boxer back then and from that day, I started carrying a hanky with me when I went for a roadwork.

Sportswomen/sportsmen have to be good persons first before being good at sports.

Shame to see that the benches at Major League Baseball are filled with spitting, chewing gums, paper cups although they are the most amazing baseball players.
by fighter_eiji | 2007-09-18 14:23 | English
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