The Truth is Out There
If you have a friend in Kenya, you will feel great if the sprinters from Kenya are winning in the track & field races. It doesn't matter if someone from your own country is losing or way behind.

If your friend in Uganda needs medicines for her/his baby, you will send them to your dear friend.

If your daughter marries a Nicaraguan, you want to visit them with lots of presents asap.

If you were helped by Iranian people when your money and food ran out as you were backpacking in the area years ago, you don't want to go there and shoot people even if your country tells you to.

If you go to Vietnam and see a number of people without legs as they got blown away by landmines when they were little, you don't want to save your money in your banks that are investing lots of money to mines and other weapon manufacturers. So many of major banks in the world do that. Probably yours too.

If you have been to those places that are shown on TV, you will know when TV is lying and hiding for a purpose.
The best media are your own eyes, ears and feelings.

Believe in the Power of Knowledge.

Being different is fun. Let's make friends here and there in the world. Your children will learn from you and make it even better as they grow.
by fighter_eiji | 2007-09-10 19:36 | English
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