Ninja Lives On
Two armed yakuza men were surrounded by 8 fully-geared policemen in a small apartment room in Yokohama, Japan on Sep 1, 2007. But these two just ran away uninjured at all and disappeared with guns in their hands into the neighborhood with kindergartens and schools around. Did they hypnotize those 8 soldiers?

A few months ago also in Japan, hundreds of police surrounded one gunman and he killed one police after 2 days of siege. This gunman was uninjured except drunk.

Last week, a female convict ran away by stealing a bicycle because the policeman in charge fell asleep while interrogation was going on. Did the police asked her for some hypnotherapy?

Several months ago, a murderer who killed his English teacher from the UK just ran away when more than a few dozen policemen raided his apartment. He had no weapon and no one knows when he is now. British papers called Japanese police "simply useless".

Yesterday (Sep 5, 2007) in Tokyo, a policeman snatched a wallet from a lady and her female friend caught this snatcher detective.

Back in March 2007 in Yamagata, a policeman went gambling and snatched a bag with over a million yen in it and hid it under snow in the street. He then became in charge of the investigation of the case. He collected 2 million yen from the local residents and kept it himself.

Back in Aug 2007 in Tachikawa, Tokyo, a policeman shot a woman to death whom he had been following everywhere. She was working in a bar and the police was a customer.

There was a policeman who took photos of a lady's legs under the desk when she came for help on the theft.

Ninja still exist in this land.
by fighter_eiji | 2007-09-02 15:56 | English
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