人気ブログランキング |
Sushi People Can't Shut Up
Scandinavian countries are heaven to me because it's so quiet in the forest, by the river and even in the cities. Scandinavian people eat lots of fish just like Japanese.

However, streets in Japan are filled with noise such as :

- Shop people shouting for more sale
- Cell phone brokers telling you to change phones
- Recycle collecting trucks with extremely loud speakers
- Teenage girls in restaurants
- Never-ending announcements on trains and in stations
- Cashiers in supermarkets constantly talk like machines
- Canned drink vending machines talking to you
- Drunk businessmen at karaoke bars
- Drunk college students singing loud in the midnight squares
- Sports guys must keep shouting something that doesn't make any sense
- TV commercials are 15 seconds of noise and a silly dance
- TV programs are filled with unnatural laughs

Maybe this is the result of killing too many fish that are very silent.
Fish might have casted a spell on Japanese to be noisy as revenge.

Vikings must have been more friendly to fish.
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Fool TV

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Anne Frank
Anne Frank_c0157558_2282692.jpg
I regularly visit Anne Frank's house in Amsterdam.
Have been to other places she used to live as her
family was running away from the Nazis.
Aachen/Aken, a southern city in Germany is a
pretty little town where Anne's mother Edith was
born and they lived a while in this town too right
before crossing the border to Holland.

Before the family went hiding in the last secret
house, they lived in another apartment in
Amsterdam where now nobody pays a visit. I sat
at the stone-made footsteps that leads to her
door on the second floor and looked at the small
park in front. Then I could hear Anne and her
sister Margot's footsteps going up and down,
playing in the park.

She had a dream to be a writer and wanted to
help other people. She made that dream come
true and I'd like to thank her so much for what
she has done and is still doing.
Her diary encouraged Nelson Mandela and his
friends when they were in prison.

I would like to encourage everyone to visit her
house and any other places in the world where
innocent people got killed. Take your friends and
family and that's the best way to grow ourselves
and make a better place to live.

Thank you, Ms Miep for risking your own life and
helping Anne's family while they were hiding and
for keeping Anne's diary. You are the truest human.

To Dear Anne (1929-1945),

Aug 26, 2007
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